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How to Make More Money as a Feminine Woman?

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Let's rephrase that masculine heading to a feminine one: How to Attract More Money with Ease and live the Best Life while doing so?

Let's start with the Mindset:

Does it seem that everyone around you is leveled up financially? Do you think that they just become lucky or are born into wealth? 

I do not believe in becoming lucky. All the people we believe were “lucky” to get where they are now, we haven’t seen the work and efforts behind their success. They have done the mindset work that this lifestyle requires and they have taken the ACTION to become financially successful.

People born into wealth can go through a trust fund or inheritance that has been gathered for centuries with a couple of years if they do not have the right tools. That is why the mindset is the most important part of your (financial) level up. 

What I do believe in is the Soft Life, you don’t need to hustle and struggle to get where you want to go. Take baby steps towards your financial goals and dreams every day and learn to know the right ‘shortcuts’ to your wealth. There has been a person in the past who has struggled with the same questions and problems before. Learn from their mistakes and avoid yours. Work smart, not hard. 

There has never been so much money in the world as today (literally, the amount of money printing by the governments has reached new insane levels). And yes, at least some of it should be in your bank account. Know, that you deserve to be wealthy, rich and abundant. Know, that you deserve to be living luxury lifestyle while working towards your financial goals.

There are endless opportunities for money to be made and you have head start as a feminine and creative woman. Use this advantage and change your life, your children's lives and futures of other women.

I believe that women should be able to do whatever they are inspired to do or be! Whether you want to have a career, be a homemaker or be a philanthropist, all these options should be valued and praised. This purposeful way of living will bring joy to the woman, people around her and also influence the society in greater perspective.

Work should be part of your life effortlessly, it should adapt to your goals, dreams and lifestyle. You can be highly productive in a day max 3-4 hours, so someone expecting you to be 100% alert for 8+ hours per day is highway to burn out.

So How to be this CEO of your life and take action towards your goals? I have put together a Guide for you, "The Soft Life Guide to Level Up Your Finances" where I have gathered all the nuggets of gold from my University degrees, extensive reading sessions about Mindset, Money and Investments, personal experiences, entrepreneurial pursuits and advice from my Mentors. So you will get a head start and do not need to figure out the basics of finances yourself. Take the guided route!

Let me know in the comments below about any questions you might have, I'm happy to answer! 

With love 💕 ,


PS. Just starting out on your Level Up?  "The Beginners Guide to Level Up" will help you to get head start. It is a quick read guide that will end the struggle and bring clarity.


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  • The Soft Life Guide To Finances was a great read, thank you Iti for putting it on my radar. I adored how it focused on femininity, yet it was still business and finances oriented.

    Lilly L.

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