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The Magic of Living the Soft Life!


soft life


Soft life, plush life, a life of ease and comfort, luxury lifestyle, la dolce vita...

My personal definition of "soft life" is focusing on yourself, pursuing your passions and going with the flow*, in a feminine way. It also means that your life is struggle free and you design it with great intention and attention to details. 

You feel at ease with yourself and in designed settings. You do not rush around and get involved in the mindless hustle culture that is sadly so popular. You calm the chatterbox in your mind and focus on the now. In a nutshell, this is what levelled up mindset is all about.

Luxuries in life are fun and I love them .... the biggest luxury in my life right now is the ability to read for an hour or so every morning and then do whatever I feel like doing...that's what I call the Soft Life. Reading really compounds the interest, read just for 20 minutes per day and you will finish more books in some months than you have read in a lifetime.

I will share some of my favourite habits that have helped me over the years to get in the right mindset for your Soft Life: 


Meditation. It took me a while to start enjoying meditation, I first started a few years back and it wasn't that easy at all. I'm a restless soul who wants to jump out of the bed and welcome the day. I have totally changed my morning habits, now I take 15 minutes every morning for welcoming the day and setting the intentions. After meditation I do my mourning skincare routine (max 3-4 steps) and read for 45 minutes to an hour (mostly self development or mindset books).

Meditation has calmed the chatterbox in my mind, I'm calm, cool and collected. Soft life in this case means, no scrolling of the phone in the morning because the world can wait. My personal 'world' is much important and I really enjoy the calm and quiet morning with me, myself and I. If you are interested in staying in the moment and meditation, then I highly recommend the book by Eckhart Tolle, "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment". It has helped me greatly with staying in the now, enjoying every moment and pursuing the soft life.


Self-Care. I currently live in a city where Sundays are kind of slow and most businesses and restaurants are closed. So it is a perfect day for some self-care. It is important to wind down at least one day per week. Luckily still gyms are open and the spas connected to most gyms and hotels as well. I go do my training (whatever I feel like doing that day from pilates to just some walking in fresh air), have a sauna session and then head for a nice facial.  

If I feel more like staying at home, then I have a special skincare system that my dermatologist has recommended me. I do a 4 step skincare and relax at home. When I was living in Dubai for a couple of months I really enjoyed the spa at home service that you could order to your apartment via an app. They had every service from hair dressers to massages and manicures.  


Feeling confident in luxurious surroundings. I walk into a supermarket with the same confidence as I walk in to the Ritz. Soft life is all about feeling confident in any setting, whether if it is a private members club or a high end restaurant.

If you do not feel at ease, know that it is just about practice. Take yourself out for lunch in a fancy hotel and enjoy your alone time. "Take in" the surroundings and communicate with the staff. Ask questions when needed about the menu, people watch and just enjoy!  


You look good, you feel good. I started this topic with more spiritual side of the soft life. But know, a healthy bit of vanity is definitely part of soft life as well. Yes, go get that lipstick or dress that makes you feel so good. Or that pair of heels that will add so much to your summer wardrobe. Soft life is all about balance. Investing time and money at the hairdressers? Yes, because you 100% deserve it. You are worthy, whole and beautiful. Don't let anyone bring you down or shame you for your choices because you are the creator of your life.

Need a pep talk on your level up journey? I'm happy to announce that I have brought back the popular Becoming A High-Value Woman Sessions, where I discuss level-up topics personally and create the most direct path to the woman you desire to be. 


With love 💕 ,



PS. Let me know in the comments, which topics you would like to read in the next blog posts!


*In this context I do not mean going with the flow with relationships, because romantic relationships have a pace and if it falls apart, well there isn't a relationship any more. There needs to be courting and pursuit from the male side, effort and planning, etc. When a man suggests "going with the flow" in a romantic relationship, the translation is that he actually isn't that interested, he will just take what he can get with as less of an effort as possible. Ladies, know the difference.

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