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Over the years Iti Malken has been featured in hundreds of blogs, articles and magazines. Below you will find a round up of some of my latest press mentions and interviews. It is such an honour to be featured in these publications and I am so grateful to all the editors and journalists who have included me!

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“In the last two months of 2022 I felt completely broken. I had my first coaching back in November and it has been so much more smoother since then. I got out of the comfort zone that I was stuck for years, with Iti’s support and encouragement I was able to get through it. Even more, I started my own company, got out of a relationship that I had been stuck for years and started my internal work journey! If you are looking for help in your life, Iti is the one you want to work with!“

Maria B.L.

“Working with Iti was the best choice that I made, when I finally realised that I need to address my feelings of overwhelm and stress at my workplace. It quickly helped me to pinpoint the main causes of stress and then provided practical solutions to use every day! I look forward to going to work again and also enjoy my hours at home more. It’s a win-win.“


“I hired Iti as a burnout coach just over a month ago and I’m already seeing so much improvement. And most important of all, my stress levels have lowered tremendously. I have taken back my personal and business life. Highly recommended Iti as a guide when you have high paced job or running a business.“

Kirstin K.


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