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High-Value Woman Affirmations

high value woman


You might be wondering...

Why do we need affirmations?

Positive affirmations are very powerful because they release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety.

They are literally recoding your energy.

When these affirmations are repeated over and over again, they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

Declare daily:

I give thanks for the abundance of good in my life!

I radiate inner harmony, confidence and self love.

I am Healthy!

I am Wealthy!

I am Happy!

I am Joy!

I am The Queen of the Universe!

I am Feminine!

I attract generous, kind and loving people.

I attract Affluence!

I have a beautiful smile, my smile lightens up every room I walk into.

I am treated like a goddess wherever I go.

I am seductive.

I am confident!

I am worthy!

I am Beautiful Queen!

I am a feminine woman!

I love my body. My body is my temple.

I truly am a gift to this world and I will continue to radiate my light…

This is the time the Universe has prepared me for!


This is the day!

This is the week!

This is the year!

It is already Mine! I already have it all!


Do not just stop here, adjust these affirmations to your current dreams and goals.

After saying your affirmations say: I release and I LET GO!

When you daydream, try stretching those dreams bigger, bigger and bigger …

I know this can be uncomfortable at first, but I believe it is essential in making your wildest dreams come true!

Ideas are worthless without action!

 So if you feel like your life is not quite where you’d like it to be

- I want to remind you that you’re not the only one!

But you are THE ONLY ONE who can CHANGE it.

Create The Life you can't wait to wake up to!


With love,


Creator of

Level Up By Iti

& The Socialite School


PS. Just stating out on your journey to a high-value woman? Kick start your level up journey with this amazing quick read.


  • Thank You Iti!

  • Thank you for sharing Iti. These affirmations have helped me a lot!

    Minna P.K.

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