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5 Must Read Books For Summer 2022!

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“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.”

– Billy Cox


In order for you to get a head start and stay committed to your dreams, I have put together a list of books to read to level up your mindset, finances and lifestyle overall. I will add books to this list continuously, so make sure to bookmark this Blog Post. As we all know, Reading is a big part of life-long learning and is essential while leveling up.

The books are not in a particular order (they are all excellent!), so pick and choose what might be the best for you to read. I suggest reading every day for at least 30 minutes, making it a nice daily habit with a cup of tea and a relaxing atmosphere, a soft life ritual that you look forward to.


"The Beginner Guide To Level Up" By Iti Malken

If you are still thinking about your level up instead of doing it: This is the book you will need to start reading! I have put together a blueprint of taking the first steps on Upgrading Your Mindset to High-Value thinking. This 20-page Guide is a quick read but really going through the material will take time and some effort!  The Guide includes 2 Exercises to Help you take steps closer to your Dream Life.

I have also included Movies & TV Series that will Fast Track Your Level Up Journey. All you need to do is turn fear and indecision into the most amazing Level Up!


"The 5 AM Club" By Robin Sharma 

This is the book for you if you often procrastinate. Do the most important things first in the morning, create yourself a ritual and get things done! Elevate your life and become legendary! I'm personally more 6 AM Club (it just fits more my lifestyle to wake up at 6 am) but I have taken a lot of my morning ritual ideas from this book and turned them into a more "Feminine 5 AM Club". So you are welcome to get the inspiration to create your morning habits from Robin Sharma's book.


"The Soft Life Guide to Level Up Your Finances" By Iti Malken

I wrote this Guide especially for the ladies who want to level up their money mindset and lifestyle but do not want to hustle endlessly like many financial guides suggest. Yes, it is all about the Soft Life approach.

As finances are very important part of the level-up journey, so this 25-page book will help you with money mindset, developing life long learning habits, high-value mentality and even examples of (online) businesses to create when you do not have that much money. It includes some personal examples from my journey with finances and jobs that I really do not recommend as a feminine woman. It is a book I wish I read early on in my (financial) level up.


"Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways" By Susan Jeffers

"So many of us short-circuit our living by choosing the path that is the most comfortable".

Sadly this is way too common... Instead of starting the journey and saying "I will handle it" we stay in mediocrity. But it does not need to be like that. This book will guide you to face your fears and literally do it anyway. I have read this book over and over and I will start to read it again. 


"Happy Sexy Millionaire" By Steven Bartlett

I chose this book for this reading list because I think it is very important to understand that being happy is not something attainable in 5 years time. It is attainable now, this moment. 

I also loved the question  this book asked: "How would the person you want to be spend their time?" This question is essential when leveling up! The answer will tell you exactly where to focus and what to do. 

I actually did not agree with some of the things said in this book viewing from a femininity standpoint but we need to understand that we can always take the things from the books that we need and leave the rest. We do not need to agree on everything. Sometimes it is good to see a different opinion, in this case from a man's perspective. Still a great quick mindset-boosting read!  


Tip: The books that I own personally in paper copy, I will highlight the most important parts that resonate with me. When. re-read the book I skim through and find the most important parts instantly. Obviously, this is not recommended when you borrow a book from a friend or a library. 

We both know you want big results! Please remember that there’s no time like now to move forward with your level up and reading list. Don’t let just time fly by. Let’s do this!

Let me know in the comments what are your recommendations for a great summer read! I'm curious to know.

With love 💕 ,


Founder of

Level Up By Iti ™️   

PS. Want to Level Up in a faster pace? Start by taking the Level Up MasterClass.  It is a Program that will transform your life from your current state to The woman you aspire to be!

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