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3 Top Tips For Feminine Inner Work


I wanted to share something very important with you today...

I Wish I knew this ONE thing when I was in my 20s.

The truth is…

Your present self is always creating your future.

So you need to put in the Inner Work in order to create the most amazing results.

Photo above: Ciara Wilson has said that leveling up & Inner work has been the most important part of her journey. She is a great example of settling for less at first.

Then doing the Inner Work & Receiving the most amazing rewards.

If she could do it, so can you! 

You might be asking...Iti, what is this Inner Work you are constantly talking about...

Let me fill you in.

In one sentence I would describe Inner Work as the process of getting to know yourself. It’s about diving inward.

Inner work begins with developing your ability to be present in the moment. 

You will become more aware of all of the unconscious patterns that we usually use to protect ourselves and navigate the world around us. 

And as we become more aware of those unconscious ways of behaving, we actually begin to change them. 

In todays society we are so focused on the Outer Work (Looks, Working out, Nutrition, etc) that Inner Work is often neglected. 
Of course keeping your body fit is very important but without the Inner Work Fit body is just an empty shell.
So here are my 3 Top Tips for Inner Work for Women:
1. Turn Negative self-talk and thoughts into Positive Affirmations.
Our Thoughts are so powerful! Turning negative self-talk into positive is just one of many types of inner work you can do daily.
As women, we often keep our minds in 'busy mode' just to escape self-criticism and negative thoughts.
Instead, calm your mind, be consciously in the present and try to avoid “time travel”.
When a negative thought pops up, ask this question: Does this (thought or belief) serve me? If the answer is "no" then change it to a positive one. 
2. Quiet “Me Time”.
Take some time off every day to just be with yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. This can be a great time for meditation, dreaming or visualization. Turn off the TV and quiet your phone. Inner work is a journey of self-discovery, so at least 15 minutes of seclusion is absolutely necessary to calm your mind and find inner peace. In some time many will find that your best ideas start coming from that 15 minutes of silence…But for some these minutes are just literally “turning your brain off” and enjoying the silence. Either way, just keep up the practice and see the miracles happening. I personally enjoy time on my own, so the initial “painful” 10 minutes have turned into an hour almost every day.
If previously mentioned “Me time” and Affirmations are already part of your daily routine, you are ready for more advanced Inner Work.
3. Inner Work Helps to Turn Conflicts into Connection and Judgments into Compassion.
The first thing that I will notice about a person who has 'done' ( Please note: Inner Work is never finished, it is an ongoing process) or at least started the process is that they are calm and observe the things going around them. They do not have triggers that most people have. You feel safe around them. This is one of the reasons why Inner Work is so important for men and for women. Because we are all together in this loop: men give security to women and women turn that security into feminine nurturing energy and pass it back/onwards.
Women who have done their inner work are highly attractive to men and people in general around them. 
So if you haven’t started your level-up journey to be calm & collected it is high time to start. It will bring so much abundance in all areas of your life: personal, financial and deeper connections with your loved ones. If you are single and dating Inner Work is crucial to attracting high quality partners!  

Do you want to 10x your current level-up!? 

So you can take quantum leaps instead of linear movement to becoming the woman you aspire to be.

You do not start from zero every new day, instead you take major leaps every single day! 

Know that you haven't come this far to only come this far!

Because my mentoring style is finding the easiest, most straightforward way possible!

Yes, we are allowed to skip steps in our level-up (often skipping MANY after the first session).

Inner work happens in layers. 
So if you are really committed to your advanced level-up, I have the last spots left for 2022 on my schedule.

The price of the Mentoring sessions will be going higher very soon, so make sure to secure your session now!

Inner work can be done on basic level on your own but if you want to get the quantum leaps...

I'm here to help you achieve your level-up to new heights you never imagined!

Read this blog post about 5 tips to Become a High-Value Woman!

A year from now you’ll wish you started today!

I'm so proud of the progress we have made so far!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

Have a great week!

Only upwards from here!


With love,


Creator of

Level Up By Iti

& The Socialite School



PS! I'm so proud of the progress we've all made in the Private Members Group and it’s thrilling for me to see all of the new members pouring in every single day.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, and if you’re not in the group yet, just click here to join.

Hopefully I’ll see you in there soon!

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  • Thank you Iti, inner work is a new concept for me, so this explanation was so helpful…have been following your Clubhouse chats as well, please do one on dating. x

    Lilly L.

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