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How to mix and mingle with affluent people around the world?

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Remember, you are the creator of your reality, so let's not be mediocre and start thinking big in everything you do!

Let's assume that you just started to level up your lifestyle and you want to mix and mingle with crowds that are already leveled up in their lifestyle? There are plenty of ways to elevate your social circle.

Also, this list comes handy when traveling, you might not have your regular group of friends around but you still want to socialise. I love solo travels and have met most of my friends during my travels.

I will list some places where to start your journey, as we know the saying, birds of a feather flock together: 

Private Members’ Clubs are a great way to mix with like-minded people. Private Members’ Clubs are located around the world and are not just for old people, there are many different types. From very high-end fancy old school clubs to golf clubs and sports clubs (think 39 Sports Club in Monaco). Some clubs are for only women or military clubs etc. You just have to find what you would like to engage over and I'm sure you will find your crowd.

I have been to different clubs on different continents, to name a few Singapore, Dubai, Germany, and London, these clubs are very different but at the same time, the mission is still the same to connect like-minded people. If you are not a member yet, maybe one of your friends is, he or she can take you to one as a +1. It is a good way to check out the vibe of the club. A lot of the clubs also have gyms and spa areas where to relax, so clubs also add to your self-care routine.

I am a member of a club which has around 300 reciprocal clubs, so I have a club waiting for me in almost everywhere I go in the world. If you love to travel and socialising, I highly suggest being in a club. You will find like-minded people, women who are leveled up, business people, and amazing events. If you want to join one make sure that it has plenty of reciprocal clubs around the world, these are your "home away from home" when traveling. If you travel to a new city you will have a club to turn to, with friendly faces and you can have great tips about the city from the members as well as the customs of the country. 

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Tower Club in Singapore with the panoramic view over the Marina.


Yacht Clubs & Golf Clubs. Even if you are not that sporty golf and yacht clubs are a great way to mix with the affluent. Both of these types of clubs are often connected to Private Members’ Clubs so if you have access to one you can also visit the sporting events and galas. Golf is mostly a daytime activity so lunch is a great way to meet people.

The yacht clubs are in the seaside resorts/towns, to name a few: Yacht Club de Monaco, Dubai Marina, Porto Montenegro, Puerto Banús and Marbella area in Spain in general, Sentosa Island in Singapore, etc. 


Instagram. Yes, good old Instagram, where I have found a lot of like-minded ladies. Connecting firstly on this platform has led me to cooperate in business and also in social circles. I have friends on Instagram that I probably would have never met in person, and I'm so lucky I did meet them. What started online has turned into fabulous meet-ups in different parts of the world. "The femininity space" is very inclusive on Instagram, so it has been a very nice and natural flow of new friendships. 

You can start with searching by hashtags, also by location and topic search is good. Check out the restaurants/hotels you love going or topics that interest you for instance, who has checked in there, follow them and engage with the topic you are both interested in. Don't be pushy, if it is meant to be it will happen!

Also before traveling check out the upscale places, hotels, and department stores, where the crowd you are interested in often goes. It helps to pick the hotel in the best location and you end up in the part of town that is suitable for your taste. 


Upscale Restaurants, Lobby bars, Cafes, Airport Lounges, etc. An elegant and polished lady will always get noticed in these places. Enter the place with a confident walk, a smile, and all doors will open. I love going out on my own for lunch, it is a perfect way to meet people and like-minded women who enjoy the soft life and take time to enjoy food. Also really affluent crowds are out during the day, they do not sit at the offices, they are masters of their own time.

Let me know in the comments sections which private members clubs you have visited and how did you like them? Also you can suggest blog post ideas in the comments section, thank you!


With love 💕 ,


Founder of Level Up By Iti ™️   


PS. If you are just about to start your personal level-up journey, here is the Guide that will help you immensely on this journey!  I share valuable tips and tricks that will get you started in no time! 

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