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8 Habits That Will Level Up Your Life!

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Leveling Up starts with the Mindset Shift, so Looks, upgraded Relationships and Lifestyle can follow!

Here are 8 Daily Habits that will help you to move onwards and upwards: 

1. See the bigger picture! 

Stop Sacrificing What You Want Most in Your Life For What You Want Right Now. Instant gratification is so common in current society, seductive and satisfying, yet when it is at the expense of long-term goals, especially goals that will help build your self-esteem and help make progress towards your goals. Leveling up your lifestyle is not different in this case. 

2. Stop Making Excuses.

Happiness doesn't fall into your lap, it takes work like everything else, especially levelling up your mentality. If you think that women that have “made it” on Instagram are just lucky, usually it is not the case. They have put in the work and effort.

3. Stop Taking Things Personally.  

Keep moving forward, build on your progress and do not let people get you down.

4. Exercise. 

No Excuses! Moving your body every single day will help with your mentality and overall well-being.

5. Eliminate Distractions. 

Whatever your go-to distraction is, start managing it so you can be more productive and stop wasting time.

6. Face Fear. 

Stop being afraid of failure and do the work. Doing the work is how you gather courage and begin making progress towards becoming your best self.

7. Set aside one day per week when your focus is just on you. 

Have your own self-care ritual for mindset upgrade and also for your weekly beauty upgrade.

8. Set achievable goals, baby steps every day. 

Get a Mentor who will guide you and support your level up!


So you can start your level up as smoothly as possible, I have wonderful news for you! Level Up Masterclass is starting now, so make sure to Claim Your Spot!

What is this Masterclass all about?


This Program will transform your life from your current state to the woman you aspire to be! Start Leveling Up, Be in Your Feminine Energy and Get Your Mindset an Upgrade. 

You will be introduced to 3 Step Level Up Formula™️ designed by Iti is a mindset framework that will help you maximize your confidence, clarity & upgrade your life to new Luxe Heights. 

After this Quick Transformation  you will:

- have better relationships with yourself AND others;
- have more confidence;
- you feel better and you look better;

- clarity on which areas of your life need an upgrade and how to achieve it;

so that you can...

  • know how to set boundaries and have higher standards; 
  • be more feminine (looks + mindset);
  • know the high-value woman mentality;
  • feel confident in affluent settings;
  • have better relationships, whether romantic or with your loved ones;
  • know where and how to mix and mingle with the affluent crowds.


This is a Hybrid Coaching Masterclass, students will have one-on-one coaching clarity call, downloadable materials, video and reading materials personally compiled for your needs.

All this comes with a 100% zero questions asked money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, you get a full refund!

So why wouldn’t you test this out? You have zero to lose and everything to gain.


With love 💕 ,


Creator of

Level Up By Iti ™️ 


Reviews by previous students:

level up masterclass iti malken review

level up masterclass level up by iti review

level up masterclass iti malken review

level up masterclass iti malken review

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  • Thank you for this post, I really need to work on not taking things personally. It does not serve me in any way!

    Angela K.

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