The Method by Iti Malken – Level Up by Iti

The Method by Iti Malken

 Level Up System Created specifically for Women.



  • Listening to your Body & Intuition 
  • Working Smart over Working Hard (willpower fades, systems stay)
  • Focus On Being vs Doing
  • Slow Down To Speed Up
  • Self Improvement that Compounds!


Upgrading your daily routines will compound in all areas of your life: better health, upgraded social connections, more success and also you look better.


After years of research, trial and error, I have created a holistic approach called The Method that will get you to new levels of confidence, success and happiness.


I’m personally living my everyday life according to The Method and have seen endless developments in my lifestyle and huge leaps in my happiness levels. Making small, consistent changes to your daily habits will put you on the fast track to success!


The Method is in constant development and evolvement still, if you check back in 3 months time It will be updated because of the natural evolvement.


Why is The Method so effective?

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Because it is a ‘System of Upgrade’ that you will implement into your everyday life.


These Micro habits that you do every day will compound and will get you results. You will be surprised how fast and effortless the process is!


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With Love,


Iti Malken

Creator of

Level Up By


The Method consists of 7 Pillars that all compliment each other.

I will help you to find your focus and which pillars to prioritise during our 60  min to 90 min coaching session.


The Pillars are as following:


Pillar 1: Mindset & Inner Work.


Creating an Abundance mindset is important for Taking Quantum leaps in your Level Up. We will focus on developing your mindset and upgrading your thoughts in a feminine container.


I will put together your personal playlist/vision board/link library with all the materials that will help you on this journey!


Pillar 2: Skincare, Hair and Grooming.


The focus here is on continuity, wholistic skincare twice a day will get you the best results over time. Also developing your grooming rituals and sticking to the plan will help you to feel and look good.


If your main focus for your level up is starting or upgrading your skincare regimen, I’ll connect you with the best dermatologist who will help you to improve your skincare routine.


Pillar 3: Exercise, Cycle syncing and Posture.


A lot of exercise programs are actually created for men. High-intensity exercises will burn women out in the longer run. Women need flow in the regime in order to train sustainably and build lasting success. This kind of exercise will give you back instead of burning you out and making you feel more hungry after workouts. Also I will help you to cycle sync your wellness routine.


If your main focus for your level up is starting or upgrading your exercise routine, I’ll connect you with the best online workout provider specially designed for women.


Pillar 4: Confidence and Social Settings.


Confidence is important in affluent circles for various reasons.

Confidence will lead to better career opportunities, as self-assured women are more likely to take risks, seek promotions, and negotiate salaries. In personal relationships, confidence can foster healthy boundaries and effective communication. It also positively influences mental and emotional well-being, reducing stress and anxiety.

During the Consultation we will discuss the impact of confidence and how to improve your self-awareness and image.


Pillar 5: Wardrobe Upgrade According To Your Body Type.


If you look good you will feel good. Tweaks on your current wardrobe will lift your mood and also help you to feel more confident in social settings.


If your main focus for your level up is upgrading your wardrobe I will connect you with a renowned stylist who will help you further in your development.


Pillar 6: Nutrition, Supplements for Women and Oral Care.


Health is wealth, so nutrition is a big part of your level up. In this pillar we will discuss mindful eating habits as well as oral care (super important for your overall health).


Supplements designed specifically for women can help address certain nutritional needs that may vary due to factors such as hormonal fluctuations, life stages (like pregnancy or menopause), and potential nutrient deficiencies.


If your main focus for your level up is changing your eating habits I will connect you with a renowned nutritionist who will help you further in your daily eating habits.


Pillar 7: Optimal Sleep.


We often have fluctuating hormone levels throughout our cycle and life stages which can impact sleep patterns. Adequate sleep helps regulate hormones, supports cognitive function, and promotes overall well-being. If you feel rested, you make better decisions and level up faster.


I will help you optimize your sleep and give advice on how to improve sleep patterns and awaken feeling refreshed.



All the 7 Pillars are here to compliment each other. We will go through them all in the consultation but you can choose 1-2 that we will focus the most.

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