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Why reality TV and Netflix shows are so damaging?

Dita von teese

Dita Von Teese is the embodiment of everything that Reality TV is not: she is mysterious, seductive, elegant and classy. 


My client asked me about this and I felt I needed to share… Why the relationships formed on reality TV rarely work out?

The explanation is quite simple actually. Reality TV thrives on drama and wounding. It is a bad role model for literally everything…let me tell you why.

The producers choose participants very deliberately, guys and girls who are in their 20s, very focused on their own and their partner’s looks (chemistry is high ranking In their Lovelist) and who haven’t done their Inner Work. One more common trait is that they often come from households where the parents were not present (emotionally or physically).

All this creates a perfect mixture of drama and extra eyeballs on the TV show.

Think about participants of ‘The Love Island’, ‘The Kardashians’, ‘Love is Blind’, ‘The Bachelor(ette)’ and every other show on Netflix. And new additions to this list are ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and a train wreck called ‘Dubai Bling’ which are extreme cases with deeply wounded people, so I’m skipping talking in depth about these shows as some or many participants need professional help.

What do these shows have in common?

They promote trauma bonding which often looks like a continuous cycle of wanting to please your partner to avoid setting them off, followed by an incident of physical, emotional or verbal abuse, and then a honeymoon period where all seems well again.

Why is this so dangerous and what can we learn from this?

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

If you  binge-watch these shows, your subconscious mind records these behaviours as healthy & normal. These shows are promoted as “reality” but in fact they are very far from the real life.

If participants would end up in a relationship with a ‘healed person’ they would just feel bored and missing the drama, so in fact it is important to do the Inner Work.

You do not need to be an extreme case to focus on Inner work, it is literally an essential part of life, for men and for women. Women who have done their inner work are highly attractive to men and magnetic to people around them.

Inner work can be done on a basic level on your own but if you want to get the quantum leaps...I'm here to help you to reach your dreams and goals.


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  • Thank you for the wonderful comment Keili! On Netflix I’d suggest Bridgerton, I loved the socializing And courting esp on the first season. My “Level Up Guide” Will help you with books And more series to watch, instant download available here: https://levelupbyiti.com/products/level-up-guide

  • Interesting perspective, I have never seen that angle of Netflix. Iti, which are the show that you would suggest watching?


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