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How to Start Your Level Up Journey: Part 2

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In Part 1 I mostly discussed the mindset and laying the foundation for your Level Up Journey, now is time to...


Usually, the step that is missed… ability to dream is important but wishful thinking only does not get you far. Start leveling up your mindset, looks, and lifestyle. And I can assure you, every piece of the puzzle will find its place!

Break down the major goals into smaller “mini-goals”. Make an action plan and then execute one by one. Take that online course, talk to the friend who has ‘your dream life’, get that mentorship. Wandering in the dark on your own is the long way to level up! 

To kick start your Level Up schedule a Clarity Call with Iti today. Everybody needs a Mentor in their life, no matter how wise and old you are. Everybody should have one (including me). You must be accountable to someone that you deeply do not want to disappoint in order to achieve the fastest results. So getting a mentor to coach you through the darkness at this point would save you so much time and effort in the long run.

Looks and appearance

Dress, act and talk for the life you want to be living! Being “as if” you already live the life you want will help you adapt into your new and upgraded version faster. As you probably already know men are visual creatures but also keep in mind that your appearance defines how you are treated by people overall. To look important it also helps you think That you are important (and yes you are;). Your appearance and poise “talks” louder even before you open your mouth. 

To get respect from others, you must firstly think that you deserve respect. By keeping your appearance neat and elegant, it shows that you are in control of your life. Let’s keep in mind that Instagram is not real life and don’t look for inspiration from there. Ratchet looks are not elegant. You can get some first inspiration from Level Up by Iti Pinterest but I will definitely have some Blog posts about elegant style in the coming weeks!

One of the first things that people notice is the condition of your skin. Overall wellbeing starts with glowing and healthy skin, so take good care of it. Remove makeup every evening and pay a visit to your dermatologist to get the best skincare routine tips that are customized to the needs of your skin. Also stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

Three major things that can make or break your overall appearance

Makeup: don't overdo it and at the same time only clear lip gloss and a bit of mascara is not enough, find your balance! Defined eyebrows, feminine lashes, lipstick that makes your whole face brighten up. That’s what you are looking for!

Hair: ask your hairstylist for the cut and blow-dry that works best with your features. People focus on your face so keeping your hair in neat condition is a must.

Nails: keep them neat, short and in feminine colors!

Visit Pinterest for style inspiration and hair/nail looks!

Follow the Mindset and Find Your Feminine Tribe!

Being High Value, embracing your femininity and loving yourself goes against most of the modern societal programming and norms. Women in many cultures are often encouraged to be masculine, embrace struggle love, compete with men, work for 2 people (actual 40 + hour job + the second “job” at home). These societal norms do not go hand in hand with a high value mindset and lifestyle. I do believe that women should be able to do whatever they want to!  The purposeful living will bring joy to the woman, people around her and also influence the society in greater perspective. 

The saying Happy wife, Happy live certainly is true! I would like to expand this thought on a greater Scale. If women in a society are happy the whole society is happy. If women are forced into masculinity the society can't thrive as there just is too much one kind of (Masculine in this case) energy. It needs to balance out! So my shoutout goes to the Gentlemen who are providers and protectors and Have a Happy Wife! Congratulations and keep up the excellent work! You are very appreciated.

How to stay on the Leveling Up Track?

Once you get the “first taste and perks” of level up lifestyle I don’t think you would ever want to go back. Just keep on educating yourself and set your daily Goal: “I’m better Than Who I was Yesterday”. Life will test you before it Blesses you!

I know that Leveling up could be a lonely road, you need to be strong because you probably will come across opposition from people who feel that you should remain the same. Find people that embrace your new mindset, online or offline.  Join our Community for like-minded people on Instagram!

Leveling up is a mindset game and without it, you cannot win at the game of life! The aim is to level up in all areas however everything starts from within YOU. Also, Confidence is a learned behavior, It is a skill that needs constant practice. It does not happen overnight but when you get to that confident level - you will never want to go back - it is a lifetime thing.

I would love to know how your Level Up journey is going, so feel free to message me at any time.


Thanks again and more soon!

With 💕 love and appreciation,



Founder of Level Up by Iti

P.S. We both know you want big results. Please remember that there’s no time like now to move forward. Don’t let just time fly by. Let’s do this!

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