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Elegant Style Inspirations

Ladies, dressing elegantly and feminine does not mean that only haute couture will do. You can definitely look fabulous without a big budget. Even high street stores have excellent pieces when you know what to look for. Some materials look much more classy than others and also take a look at the seams. If the construction of the garment and the material are good you already have something to work on. Find a great tailor who will get the garments fitted for you and they will look much more polished.

Here are some ladies with feminine and chic style, who are great for inspiration. You are welcome to take a look at the garments and styling before you head to the shops:

elegant dress

White dress for the summer is a classic! Looks so chic on different skin tones and makes the outfit much more expensive. Combine it with a summer hat and flats and a perfect day time outfit is created. The same dress can also be worn during holiday dinners, just pair it with different accessories and heels. This sample white dress is a great example of a very versatile Feminine Classic Style piece. 

I used this photo as a great example for my Instagram but does anyone know who she actually is? Please leave a comment if you do.


kitty spencer



Lady Kitty Spencer is a British fashion model, philanthropist and aristocrat with a great sense of style. She is also known as the niece of Diana, The Princess of Wales. Her outfits range from girly yet feminine Dolce & Gabbana floral dresses to classic chic pieces. She mixes well Feminine Classic Style and also Feminine Girly Style, so her outfits look fresh and elegant, yet still with a Classic twist.




Olivia is a real fashion connoisseur, she is the ultimate chameleon with clothes. One day she can wear a summer dress with a simple jean jacket, next evening all French haute couture outfits, both with ease. I’m always blown away by how well she manages to choose the colors that compliment her skin tone so nicely. Olivia is an excellent example of Feminine Seductive Style.

She does not only stick to dresses, but she also wears quite a lot of high waisted pants, so if you opt more towards covering your legs or calves, she will be a great inspiration. Another thing I really like about her is that she mixes in African prints which look great on her.


victoria fox0001


Victoria is a stylist so her outfits are very well put together and the attention is on every detail. I love how she mixes high street pieces with high-end accessories, bags, scarfs, hairpieces, etc.

She likes to wear pastels but also more flamboyant colors, like orange, fuchsia, red, yellow and also patterns. She mixes all the Elegant styles with ease, so I would say that she is a mix of Feminine Seductive Style, also Classic with a hint of girly ruffles and pastels.


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